Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nov 4th.

Still waiting...(for the final say with our home). In the mean time my kids have just been blessing me silly. I love watching them learn (everything).
Something that has been on our hearts, as parents, is Joel 1:3. I hope to leave with them a clear picture of God. Not my opinions about Him, but what His word says about Him. Anyways, just a small prayer request for my son, Micah - He has food allergies and it is really hard to feed him things that we eat everyday. He is allergic to dairy & peanut-butter. His allergy is so bad he has an "epi-pin". So we are praying that God just takes it away. Thanks for praying.

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~The Harrison Family~ said...

I knew about the dairy allergy but not the peanut butter. Praying that God heals him of this. Miss you guys.