Thursday, July 2, 2009

1Church Event.

When the world sees Christianity, they see a people separated by belief systems. What they may not see, and what we ourselves might not recognize, is the power of the 1 thing that brings us together. If we as Christians erase the denominational lines that divide us, even for one night, and come together to exalt the 1 God that unites us, healing will come to our land. On September 11th 2009 at 7pm, we invite you to come together as 1, to worship and contend for the restoration of community. This isn’t a night to make a name for The Freedom Center, but rather to make 1 name famous, seek after 1 heart, and become 1 church. When leaders in the body of Christ join together in praying and believing God for change, it will come. On that night, we’ll not only be believing that our community will be healed, but that Fenton can impact a community across the world in Kenya, Africa. If we shift our focus from preserving our own empires to bringing fresh water to a people on the other side of the world, we’ll start the process of healing our hearts and changing our world. We, as God’s people can weather this economic storm together, with the knowledge that we’ve been chosen. God has a plan to raise up the least of these, and for Fenton, and Michigan as a whole, to bring restoration and change. All you have to do is show up, and believe in the power of 1. Join in the vision of becoming 1 name, 1 heart, 1 church.

When: 09-11-09, 7pm
Where: The Freedom Center, Fenton (
What: Contending for the sound of Heaven. Unity among the denominations.
Why: Changing the World in Kenya, Africa.

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change the world.